Adrift on a dish

Driftwood plates

A dish for sushi anyone? Oysters? Chocolate? Chocolate truffles.  This set of three started off as an idea for one large, long platter, made by laying and pressing together  flattened coils of toasted clay with flattened coils of white.  I wanted to test the need to blend the two clays.

Driftwood on Eastsound beach

Driftwood on Eastsound beach

The surface texture was meant to conjour up an image of sun-bleached driftwood washed asore and stacked high on the sand bank.  The holes add a textural element suggesting porousity and inherent decay, or as if it were being eaten from the inside by some insect.   By serendipity, someone knocked the shelf where it sat after bisque firing – and there must have been a fault line because of the minimal blending – but it fell into three separate parts of one long dish and two smaller ones.  I sanded it out, applied oxide over the surface, burnished it off and glazed it one colour. Fired. Voila!

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