Sold in the USA

BW-W32 Porcelain Rattle Bottle in Blue & White - Click Image to Close

Porcelain Rattle Bottle in Blue and White
by Ellen Wherrette

I write this, totally bemused.  I’ve made my (unexpected) first sale here in the US. Yay!  I was on Day Two of the annual Orcas Island Artists Studio Tour, visiting the studio of ceramic artist and sculptor, Ellen Wherrette, when she bought one of my own floating ceramic necklaces right off my neck – literally.  She liked it so much that she put it on immediately.  Truth be told, it looked better on her than it did me. Thanks, Ellen, for a wonderful morale boost – I am honoured!

I made it months ago in Singaporean ceramic artist Jessie Lim’s studio.  It features a fired, hand carved tribal mask pendant in an oxide wash, strung together with similarly treated hand coiled ‘bone’ fragment beads.  The oxide was brushed on, left to dry and then burnished off with newspaper to get the aged effect.  I used a clear nylon string so the beads would float on the wearer’s neck.

Here is a much chunkier version of the piece that Ellen now owns, to give you an idea.

The chunkier Tribal Mask necklace

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