About me

Hello and thank you for visiting Optimism & Co.

I started Optimism & Co. to record the consequences of my regular playdates with clay and other (misguided) attempts at artful things.  Thanks to Singaporean artist Jessie Lim, who is a wonderfully encouraging mentor and teacher, I had a light-filled studio in Singapore in which to explore my obsessive ruminations on the possibilities of form, texture and function that humble clay offers.

It’s not just clay.  I am a serial artful dabbler.  Besides writing, which I do professionally, and past lives as a producer and director, I take pleasure in making things, creating vignettes, capturing moments, salvaging used objects and collecting mementoes of  our everyday experience. It’s my way of coping with a hungry mind, fiddly hands and a roving eye that is constantly seeks visual gratification.

I have lived in cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Jakarta, and flown off to escapist adventures all over the world.  My latest address is a breathtaking island in the Pacific Northwest called Orcas Island.  There with three young boys and a husband intent on making his own wine and brewing his own beer, I am sure I will be well-fueled (with alcohol or not) to pursue my creative ambitions.

So, I am so glad you’ve come and I hope you leave your thoughts. Afterall, no ‘artist’ is an island.

5 responses to “About me

  1. Sharon,

    What a pleasure to meet you Friday. I love your work! You have a delicate touch an a very unusual style. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. I hope all goes very well with your art!

    My Best,
    Pamela K Beer

  2. Hi Sharon,
    This is Chelsea (from Orcas Workshop)! I can’t find an email address and would like to inquire about a piece to create on behalf of The Barnacle. Thanks!

  3. Hello Sharon,
    I’m writing on one of your cards to a client of mine. I realized that I need several of these as red & pink roses are especially meaningful to me.
    I would love to visit your studio and meet you in person as well.

    I live on island.

    Would you give me a call? I’d love to begin using your rose cards for my private business stationery.


    Sally O’Brien
    My Inner Lighthouse

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