Red Jacket For Winter

Off to the season’s best parties
Hand-built slab pitcher with carved details. Commercial glaze, iron oxide wash, fired to Cone 6.

Like birdsong in winter, I’ve been too busy sheltering from the cold to throttle about much, but oh, I’ve been busy in the studio making pitchers, and ceramic jewelry (a post on that coming later this week – I have a case made for a Wearble Art show at the Orcas Center, opening this Sat, Dec 1).  My newest bird friends will attest to that.  Enjoy the next couple of posts.  These birds are all very versatile 5-inch tall pitchers that fit snugly in the hand for pouring.  Use for milk, olive and nut oils, dressings on your table, or for bath salts, soap or shampoo holders.  Food safe glazes and textured wings provide a firm grip.

Red Jacket back detail

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