Past Life Of A Pendant

When I design something, I do think about how it can be used, but this little piece surprised me.  Can you tell what this pendant was originally designed for?

Anvil Blue on waxed cords

Not so successful in its original purpose, I strung it on three waxed cords on a whim, the night before a sale, and sold four of these the next day. Something about the shape, the way it sits on the neckline or where it leads the eye, flatters the wearer.  Dare I say sexy?   Someone said it had a retro reference, well, an added bonus.   It looked good with the bare shoulder styles in tropical Singapore.  I left it at that.

Anvil Blue on Wool

On Orcas, where the pacific Northwest summer breeze is more unpredictable, I strung the last pendant in this style on a necklace that I had made using curly knitting wool that I had woven like a ‘friendship band’ in some sections, and it changed the look of the pendant immediately.  It can be worn lower on the front, over turtlenecks and sweaters, almost like a long, loose scarf, warm and fuzzy around the neck. Neat.  Now I have a versatile accessory that adapts to the seasons.  It would be fun to wrap around the waist as a belt buckle too.   To think it started life as a napkin ring.

I once was a napkin ring


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